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can be termed as warm, being situated in the desert area. The three main seasons, summer, monsoon and winter respectively, influence the city of Jaipur. Situated at an altitude of 431m above sea level, Jaipur has extreme type of Climate. Summers are extremely hot with shining sun on the head whereas winters are comparatively cool. However, the nights in winters are bitterly cold.

The climate and weather of Jaipur is usually hot. The summer season persists from Mid-March to June reaching to the maximum temperature of 45 C. The showers of Monsoons come usually in the month of July preceded by dust and thunderstorms. The city doesn't receive much rain. During the post-monsoon season in September, Jaipur gets hot spell once again. In winters, the city of Jaipur observes bright and pleasant sunny days, though the temperature can reach a low of around 5 C during the nights.

Frequent problem in winter season is fog that covers the whole city in the evening. Winters dominates the land of Jaipur from the month of October till the month of March. The best time to visit Jaipur is during winters, when the weather is pleasant and very favorable to travel around the royal city of Jaipur.

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