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Thewa Jewelry
Thewa jewelry has been a popular Rajasthani style since the Mughal ages. The technique of making this particular style of jewelry is a very unique process. The jewelry is made and embossed with gold sheets on molten glass. Such pieces come in a wide range of different designs and patterns that are exquisite and unique to 'Jaipuri' designs.

Kundan Jewelry
This particular type of jewelry is very popular in Jaipur, especially for festive occasions, weddings in particular. This is created by using polished gemstones in a variety of colors which are carefully set in ornately designed, pure gold, or any other metallic, base. This process begins with a complex framework called the 'Ghaat' followed by the 'Paadh' procedure and finally the molding of the lac/wax with the gems, in a process called the 'Khudai'.

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