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There are many ways to explore the sights and history of the Walled City - go on foot with a historical walking tour, hop on board and see the city sights from an open top bus, you can even take a tour with a friendly local taxi driver! Start your tour with a stroll along the City Walls or take an Inner City Guided Walking Tour - historic tour or perhaps a literary tour with one of the well-informed and good-humoured Tour Guides - the city's history is so complex and its present is so dynamic that it takes a local expert to explain it all entertainingly and answer your questions.

A small distance towards the west from the minaret is Tripolia Gate, a gate with three arches from which the bazar got its name. This is the main entrance to the City Palace and Jantar Mantar, but only the Maharaja's family is permitted entrance via its portals. The public entrance is via Atishpol or Stable Gate, to the left. You can visit the City Palace complex, the Jantar Mantar and to the north of the City Palace is the Govindji Temple which has gardens around it. An image of Lord Govinda was installed here by Jai Singh as a patron deity of his family. Come out of the complex through the Jalebi Chowk and Sireh Deori Gate. The your right is the Hawa Mahal. The bazar here is known as the Siredeori Bazaar, also known as the Hawa Mahal Bazaar. Few yards from here is a large square known as Bari Chaupar.

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