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King Digva was afflicted with leprosy as he was under the curse of an Apsara (a celestial nymph) of the court of Indra. The king of Swarga. The Apsara had to spend 12 years on Earth. The King offended her and incurred her wrath as a result of which he became a leper. After the king's penance, the Lord was pleased and a voice was heard from heaven that his image in stone would be found at the seashore. When the image was installed the king would be free from leprosy. Following this king Digva discovered the Lord's image in stone and installed here.
Shri Kalyan Ji is Lord Vishnu himself. In the Hindu triad of gods, Vishnu sustains and preserves the creation of Brahma until Shankar finally destroys it. In this temple Vishnu himself is enshrined in the form of Kalyan Ji. The idol is in White marble. It bears four arms. The beauty of the idol is attractive and charming.Kalyan means benevolence and redemption from miserly . The deity here belrses the visitors and belivers with happiness and welfare and lestows on them all prosprity and worldly riches.He frees the devotees from miseries

She came to Sapt Rishi's Ashram and serviced there with great devotion. Seeing such service of her, Rishi asked her manokamna. She told her story and her desire to go to Indralok. Then Rishi told her to go to King Degva in Dhundhar Pradesh and stay there. Rishi assured her that her manokamna will be met.

She went there and stayed in Chandragiri hill which was in Degva's area. There was a beautiful garden of King Degva just below the hill. She used to go there in night in form of a beautiful horse. King ordered to catch this horse. Fortunately, King himself found her in the garden and he tracked her in order to catch her. She went to hill again and came into her own apsara form. Seeing her beauty, king got attracted and asked her to stay with him in his palace. She told her story about her being Apsara and her punishment. She also told him that she will go to Indralok once her punishment will be over. She can stay there till Indra come to get her. She also told him that she will curse him if he can't defend her from Indra.

When the time came, Indra came to get her, war between King and Indra started. It went on for too long and no result came out. Then Indra took help from Lord Vishnu and defeated the King. Then Urvashi cursed king with Leprosy. Lord Vishnu told the king a solution to his cursed body. He asked him to go to sea coast and wait there. Lord Vishnu's statue would come floating in the sea there. On seeing the statue, his curse will get over.

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