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The history of Shri Shyam originates from the Mahabharata. Bhima was a Pandava prince, whose son Ghatotkacha was the father of Barbarika, hence Barbarika was the grandson of Bhima. Owing to the fabulous chivalry and prowess of Barbarika, Krishna did not want him to participate in the great war. So, he begged of him his head which Barbarika gave him without any hitch but on the condition that he be allowed to witness the war. Krishna set up his head on a hilltop and also blessed him that he would be deified and worshipped in Kaliyuga like him and that his worshippers shall have their wishes fulfilled. Some 975 years ago the wife of Roopsingh Chauhan saw in her dream that deity instructed him to take his image out of the earth.
The indicated place, when dug up, yielded the present idol of Shri ShyamJi, which was enshrined in the temple. That spot is now known as Shyam Kund.

Place to visit Near in Khatu shyam ji

There are several Holy Place around khatu shyam ji temple . People also visit there and make their journey complete.

Shyam Kund : Shyam Kund reside khatu

The holy pond near the temple from where the Barbarik ‘s SHISH was retrieved. It is believed that a dip in this pond cures a person from ailments and brings good health.

Shyam Bagichi : A blessed garden near the temple from where the flowers are picked to be offered to the deity. The great devotee Lt. Aloo Singhji’s Samadhi is also situated in the premises.

Gourishankar Temple : Shiva temple situated near Shyamji’s temple. It is a legend that the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb’s soldiers wanted to destroy this temple, and attacked the Shiva Linga with a spear. Fountains of blood appeared from the Shiva Linga, and the soldiers ran away, terrified. One can still see the mark of the spear on the Linga.

Famous Temples in Sikar District : Jeen Mata Temple : Goddess Jeen Mata is Devi herself, the very embodiment of divine cosmic power. The deity is Mahishasura Mardini Durga having eight arms. The miraculous deity fulfills the wishes of all her devotees.

Mugal Emperor Aurangzeb wanted to raze to the ground the Mandir of Jeen Mata. Being invoked by Her priests, the Mata let out its army of bhairons (a specie of fly family) which brought the Emperor and his soldiers to their knees. He sought pardon and the Kind hearted Mataji excused him from Her anger. Aurangzeb donated akhand (Ever-glow) oil lamp from his Delhi palace. This lamp is still glowing in the sacred sanctorium of the Mata. Harsh Nath Temple (Harsh Giri): It resides in south almost 24 km in sikar district. there is a famous shiva temple of 10th centuary .

Reengus Bheruji Temple

There is considerable recognition of folk goddesses in Hinduism. After marriage, it is the tradition of doing Dhokk for the first time in the temple, the caste-jadule-mundan, etc. of these folk goddesses in the temple. There are many temples of folk deities in Rajasthan. One such temple is the temple of Bhairu ji in Rings Town of Sikar district.

This temple is recognized in many families of cities like Sikar, Jhunjhunu, Jaipur etc. These families are married and the children's jadula-mundan is situated right here. Many of these areas have settled out of Rajasthan for business or other reasons, they also come here to fulfill this ritual. When Khatu Shyamji's fair is held in Phalgun, many devotees start their hiker from this temple. Other devotees who come to visit Shyamji in other days also come here. There are many crowds of devotees in Chaitra and Asas of navratras. Bhainruji's temple is quite ancient. Many local folk artists have produced audio-video albums of songs on the Bhairuji of Rings. These songs and bhajans are very popular in the program of hymns in rural areas.

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