Lodurva Jaisalmer

Lodurva Jain Temple is located 16 kms away from the Jaisalmer city. Lodurva, the ancient capital city of Bhatti Rajputs was once a flourishing city but lost most of the splendor when the Bhattis shifted their capital to Jaisalmer. Nakoda is a major tourists attraction due to the age old ruined Jain temples. The most mesmerizing experience will be the peacock dance amid exotic Lodurva ruins.
The rain stops and the sun’s rays stroke the pillared corridor of the palatial fortress Suryagarh. A pair of peacocks saunter in and stretch themselves lazily on the lawn.The sun is finally back and it is a cue for me to step out and explore one of the oldest forts in Rajasthan built in Jaisalmer in the 12th century by Bhati Rajput king Rao Jaiswal .
The bastions tower over me as I enter the fort. There is a bit of traffic as locals elbow their way through the narrow lanes, even as they are outnumbered by large numbers of tourists who throng the palaces around. I crane my head and look up at the 99 bastions of this citadel, brimming with life as more than 4000 people have called this fortress as their home for decades. The homes may have now become home stays and hotels, but it is one of the largest living forts in India.

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