Gwalior was once not only the capital of Scindias but is also a historically rich and one of the most popular cities of Madhya Pradesh. Gwalior has always been loved and visited by tourists for their stunning forts and intricate palaces that were at some point ruled by rulers of different era like the Mughals and in fact even the Tomars. The city was first ruled by them before it was seized by the Scindias. Gwalior are been popularly called as the Fort City and the city stands true to its name. When you visit Gwalior, you will also agree. Located at 122 km from Agra, Gwalior is also flanked by one of the biggest commercial and industrial zones and because it is also one of the largest city of Central India, Gwalior is today one of the biggest tourist attractions of Madhya Pradesh.

And apart from all this, Gwalior was also one among the five princely states that got the honor of 21 gun salute during the British rule. The fourth largest city of Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior has also known to be an educational hub owing to the Scindia School that is situated right inside the Gwalior fort. This school was built in 1897 and today is considered to be one among the many important boarding schools of India. Initially this school was built only to be used by the nobles and also the princes. Also known as the city of music, it is said that this city was once visited by Tansen and today it houses one of the oldest and popular gharanas also called school of Hindustani classical music. This place is also Tansen’s final resting place apart from one of the nine gems that belong to Emperor Akbar’s court. The first ever museum that displays and exhibits musical instruments was built in Gwalior known as the Sarod Ghar.

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