Gadiya Mountain

Gadiya Mountains are the highest mountains of Kanker. It is a natural fort and was once declared as the capital by King Dharma Dev of the Kandra dynasty. There is a water tank situated on the hill top which never dries up. The Doodh river flows down the mountains.

The main attraction for tourists at Gadiya Mountain is the tank which was named after the two daughters of king Dharma Dev, Sonai and Rupai. The tank is divided into two parts and the most astonishing feature about the tank is it never dries even during the hottest summers. A secret cave known as Churi Pagar is also located on the southern part of the tank. The cave was built by the king for escaping arrest during an unexpected attack by the enemy. Another important attraction at the mountain is the famous Jogi Cave which is around 50 meters deep. According to the legends, it was at this cave, the saints used to meditate and live. There is a small pond inside the cave from which water descends onto the rocks and forms a wonderful waterfall.

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